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From Asia Medical and Agricultureal Laboratory and Research Center

1. Nutritional report from Jivaka capsule and Jivaka beverage.


 2. Contamination analysis report. This clearly shown that both of our products are well above limits, and safe for daily consumption.


When the four elements of the body are in balance, the whole system functions better:

By nourishing the whole system, the body functions more efficiently, the aging process slows and longevity increases.



We are currently seeking Resellers and Agents throughout the world to wholesale and retail Jivaka. Resellers are each required to make a discounted purchase of 100 boxes of Jivaka. We are seeking one Agent in each country. Agents are each required to make a more significant purchase at a greater discount. Each Agent will also be asked to assist in the importation process of bringing Jivaka into their country. 


If you are interested in becoming a Reseller or Agent in your country,

please contact us at:


Disclaimer: Consistent with worldwide regulations for food supplements, no claims are made about this product. No clinical research is available about this product.

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